Oscar Glyndwr

Ordic Warcaster/ Marine


Description: Classic Torodor (Dark hair and olive skin) features with a killer smile. He wears an Ordic Naval Warcaster armor that has seen better days. A Gaff spear is slung over his back, a repeating pistol on his right hip and a spring loaded holdout pistol hidden up his sleeve.

Background: Brought up on the privateer vessel, the Calamatis, Oscar was discovered by Captain Bartolo “Broadsides Bart” Montador, who raised him as his own. When Oscar finally came of age, Bartolo kicked him off the ship at the nearest port, wishing him farewell and to come back when he’s got a ship of his own. Now Oscar’s on a mission to get a ship but not just any ship, a ship he can control just like a warjack. Now only if he could find some rich patsy to fund the project…

Attitude: All smiles and a charmingly devious personality, Oscar truly wishes the best for everyone. He often gives away his good fortune despite his own need for it. A quality which adopted father, Captain Bartolo Mantador, mocked him for. He likes to spend his spare time drinking heavily, carousing, womanizing, and pulling pranks on the people around him.

Personal goal: To integrate a steamjack into the ship design.

Relation to others:
Auraelius Severius Ignis- Doesn’t mind the guy. Although Oscar is not religious himself, as he finds it gets in the way of what he truly believes, he doesn’t hold a grudge against it. He only holds a grudge against those who misuse it.
Viscount Richard Ebonhart- Patsy! Oscar loves the guy the same way anyone could love a walking pile of money. Now if only he could convince it to walk towards his brand new ship.

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Oscar Glyndwr

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