Life in the Iron Kingdoms

Blood and Circuses
Cold Open

As the carriages rock and bump along the road from Mercir, Huxley Cope, the circus owner, looks down at a pile of papers with a heavy sigh.
“With officials making it hard for business, I don’t think I’ll be able to last much longer.”
The carriage stops and Huxley hears some yelling outside of his carriage. He looks out into the rain.
“What’s going on now?”
“It appears the tank carriage is stuck.” replied the driver.
Huxley throws on a coat and hops out of the carriage. He begins to make his way down to the road towards the yelling.
All of a sudden, he hears a loud crash of glass as others of the circus panic.
" She’s escaped!" is heard.
Huxley sprints back to the carriage and dives in.
“What the hell was that?” asked the driver.
“She’s escaped.” replied Huxley as water quickly floods the area.
He looks around to see something slither through the newly flooded area.
“I should have fucking fed her.”


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